The perfect table lamp

Furnishing is all about creating the best possible atmosphere in the room. You have to consider the size of the room, the windows, the shape of the room, where to have the large furniture, what colors to choose and maybe most importantly what lighting to choose.

A lamp do not just add a piece to all the details in the room. It adds to the atmosphere of the room. With the right lamp(s) something new will emerge. That is what makes lighting so important. Choose carefully.

If you ask yourself: what is the perfect lamp in my room? The answer is seldom the same as the answer to the question: what is my favorite lamp? You can love a lamp for itself, for its design and the way it spreads the light. That is of lesser importance when it comes to furnishing. The perfect lamp for your room is the one that gives you the feeling: this lamp is designed and made to be right here. It is like the designer had your room in mind when he or she created the lamp.

One of the most beautiful table lamps ever made is PH 2/1 (the image above) from the brand Louise Poulsen designed by Poul Henningsen. It has a value of its own. People will allways be willing to pay for it just because it is lovely. But it does not fit in all locations. If you get the opportunity to bring it home you should try it in different rooms and see where it suits best.

There are several lamps that don’t add anything to the room. They are just there to give light. In that case it is less of furnishing and more about getting the room lit up when it is dark. The lamps that add to the atmosphere and make something emerge in the room are real design lamps. They are made by design brands that have done research and tried it out in studies or laboratories. The classic brands are:

  • Louis Paulsen
  • Foscarini
  • Flos
  • Le Klint
  • Verpan
  • Kartell

There are also some new brands that are popular at the moment:

  • Secto
  • Tom Dixon
  • Aerin
  • Pieter Adam
  • Villa Lumi
  • Heathfield & co
  • Visual Comfort & co

If you want something a bit crazy you should take a look at Zero PXL designed by Fredrik Mattson. It is made of aluminum in several colors. The table lamp is shown below.

Other more classic designs are the Panthella by Verner Panton/Louise Poulsen, The Swirl by Le Klint, Gatto by Flos, Lumiere by Foscarini and Cindy by Kartell. In somoe cases you can find table bases that are like sculptures in it self. Examples of that are the cobra lamp by Georg Jensen, Cannes crystal (first image above) by Aerin, Mysterious bamboo (image below) by Pieter Adam, Aretha by Villa Lumi or Amelia antique by Heathfield & co.

There are many potential favorites but which one is the best table lamp for your room. look at the color, shape and how it spreads the light. The last thing is difficult to see on a picture. You need to go to a show room, a lighting fair or something like that to get the real imrpession. Good luck.

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