The Arts

  • The perfect table lamp
    the windows, the shape of the room, where to have the large furniture, what colors to choose and maybe most importantly what lighting to choose.
  • Ballet’s Latest Act
    For any artist, 2020 has been a difficult year. For live performers, and ballet dancers in particular, this has been a shared time of reflection and introspection, of uncertainty and questioning. “Can I continue to support myself?” “Can I begin to support myself?” “Does what I do still have value?” “Have I spent my life devoted to the development of […]
  • Non-human art
    The last few decades there have been a shift in the art world. Humans are not the only ones to produce art. You can of course question what art is. There are at least three criteria. Does it comment on the society in a thoughtful way? Does it evoke emotions in itself regardless of context? Does anyone want to own […]