Six Secrets to Living the Joyful Life

In today’s age of 24-hour convenience and connection, with everything available at the click of a button, it’s hard to imagine living in better times. But if you’re feeling a bit lost and empty in amongst the abundance, rest assured, you’re not alone. 

For many of us, despite making life easier, 24/7 connectivity and technology has left us feeling overwhelmed, constantly bombarded with endless advertising, noise and comparison. But there’s an easy way to bring joy back into your life, and it doesn’t involve ditching technology completely. 

1. Focus on what brings you joy

Take a page from Maria Kondo’s philosophy and ask, does this bring me joy? Whether it’s adding more ‘me’ time to your day, or spending less time comparing your life on social media, live consciously and eliminate anything that doesn’t fill you with joy. You’ll be surprised how much time it frees up. Pretty quickly, you’ll start seeing the big and small things that bring joy to your day. Prioritise these, and then do more of them!

2. Stop putting life on hold

How many times have you said, ‘I’ll just finish this project, and then do what I enjoy’? Or ‘I’ll just lose five kilos, and then wear that dress I love’, only to stall in your weight loss, eat 5 cookies instead of one, and leave that dress handing in the cupboard? Stop missing out on life by waiting for the perfect time, the perfect weight, the perfect person. Live life now.

3. Spend time with the right people

And let go of relationships that don’t serve you – those that bring negativity or criticism, self-doubt or disrespect. You are a product of your environment and an average of the people you spend the most time with, so surround yourself with people that support you, that help you grow, and that lift you up.

4. Give back 

Whether it’s sharing that freshly baked banana bread, donating to charity or volunteering, there are countless ways to give back to the people and community around you every single day. It could be as simple as taking the time to ask someone how they’re doing, or as grand as organising a fundraiser for the local charity that’s struggling to keep its doors open. You’ll likely find that as you give, you’ll find even more ways to keep giving – bringing joy to your life and to the lives of others while you’re at it.

5. Start every day as a fresh, new page

Your past doesn’t define you. Every day, every moment, you have the chance to start over. Start every morning with the intention of living your best life – write your gratitudes, visualise your perfect day, and then live it. Make your perfect day a reality by starting each day as if it’s a blank page from your book of life, with you as the author.

6. Do something that scares you. Every. Single. Day

Remember the first time you spoke on stage? The first time you went skydiving? The first day of launching your business? Bring colour to your day, stretch your limits and discover your passion by doing one thing that scares you every day. You’re far braver, stronger and capable of so much more than you realised.

by Esin

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