• Six Secrets to Living the Joyful Life
    In today’s age of 24-hour convenience and connection, with everything available at the click of a button, it’s hard to imagine living in better times. But if you’re feeling a bit lost and empty in amongst the abundance, rest assured, you’re not alone.  For many of us, despite making life easier, 24/7 connectivity and technology has left us feeling overwhelmed, […]
  • Non-human art
    The last few decades there have been a shift in the art world. Humans are not the only ones to produce art. You can of course question what art is. There are at least three criteria. Does it comment on the society in a thoughtful way? Does it evoke emotions in itself regardless of context? Does anyone want to own […]
  • Imagining the world with less cars
    Imagine that huge parking in front of your house suddenly becomes a green oasis. Imagine that for once you get home from work on time without spending another most useless hour sitting in your car, stuck in the traffic. Imagine, for a change how now more clearly you hear a chirp singing its love song without the sound of the […]