Imagining the world with less cars

Imagine that huge parking in front of your house suddenly becomes a green oasis. Imagine that for once you get home from work on time without spending another most useless hour sitting in your car, stuck in the traffic. Imagine, for a change how now more clearly you hear a chirp singing its love song without the sound of the car.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not hate cars. I just think that there should be less cars out there, everywhere. On average, cars are only in use for 4% of the time and the rest of the time, they’re sitting parked. Imagine, 96% of their time cars are idle. If I look around me, I see so many industries changing, evolving, adjusting to the connected world we all live in. Blockbusters are replaced by streaming services, music CD by Spotify, your summer holiday stay at the five-star hotel somewhere at the Croatian coast is replaced by a home like cottage booked through AirBnB. But the way we own and use cars hasn’t changed a lot, has it?

For a majority of people buying a car is still the second largest investment they make in their lives, after buying their home of course. Imagine if your home would be standing still, unused for 96% of it’s time. Crazy, right? So why should owning or using the car stay the same as it has been for the last 100 years.

Imagine that there is a company providing mobility solutions for the connected generation. Imagine there is a new way to use your car. Imagine that just like you share your home when traveling to see your friends who decided that living some 1000 km away from you is exactly what they want, sharing your car when you don’t need it is just as easy. Imagine having access to mobility for 15 minutes, 15 months, or a lifetime is possible after all.

All this may sound utopian but is actually closer to be real than you think. One company in particular aim to simplify your day-to-day mobility experience by offering an entirely different approach to how cars are bought, owned, connected, serviced, and used. To make it more interesting a company aims to achieve this without putting more cars on the streets and encourages more efficient use of resources. They go by the name of Lynk & Co and aim to make mobility accessible to more people, while taking up less space for parking and reducing traffic congestion.

You see, sometimes all it takes is to dare and imagine.

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